Partner Profiles

Tim T. Morris Jr.:

Tim is responsible for directing the investments of Morris Capital Management, managing Investor Relations, and assisting with the structuring and closing of Investments. He has been a Partner with Morris Capital Management, LLC since 2003. During his time there, he has played a critical role in structuring and closing 20 investments. The acquired companies come from a variety of 'old economy' businesses, including multiple foundries, several window and door manufacturers, a contract cosmetics manufacturer, and a manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags. His duties have involved making the initial acquisition proposal, performing due diligence, arranging bank financing, negotiating the legal documents, and serving on the Boards of portfolio companies post-close. Tim served as an associate in investment banking for ING Financial Markets, LLC and CDC IXIS Capital Markets North America, Inc., both located in New York, NY. He worked primarily on transactions involving the securitization of corporate assets, which were funded either through the banks' balance sheet, commercial paper conduits or the placement of term securities with investors. Tim worked on transactions raising between $50 million and $6 billion each for companies in a variety of industries, including the credit card, airline and retail clothing industries.

Tim has also worked in a variety of positions in the construction and hospitality industries in locations including Boulder, CO, Seattle, WA, Asheville, NC and Yellowstone National Park. He completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Tennessee in 2000 and graduated in 1994 with a BA from Duke University as an English major. He is married and has three children.