Morris Capital Management is built on the principles of Trust and Partnership. We bring together capable people and groups with high integrity.

1) We invest in 'old economy' businesses whose Owners are ready to exit and want to leave the business in good hands.

2) We bring in talented Operators with humble attitudes who will play an active role either through a leadership position or an involved advisory role.

3) We partner with Investors who are looking for long term Capital Gains and who understand that small to mid-sized companies do not grow in a straight line.

4) We pay reasonable Valuations that are not dependent on aggressive growth expectations.

5) We are always available to assist and advise companies needing help.

Operating outside of a traditional Private Equity Fund structure allows each Transaction to be tailored to the specifics of the opportunity. In terms of the Time Horizon of the Investment we generally have a longer-term bias but will always be opportunistic in considering what outcomes are in the best interests of our Partners. We always strive to treat Employees of the businesses we invest in fairly while protecting the interests of all Stakeholders.